Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final countdown - week 4

It was great to see ya´ll yesterday, even with some of he computer problems everything went well enough. I was going to send picuteres from our adventures at the park last week but im thinking next month i´ll show all my pictures. haha.  today we dont havea lot of plans, because nobody has money. hahaha.  but im  thinking next week  we will go the center. i am not going to write much more cuz i said eveything i would have yesterday, i think. so  a few things i have read today,  in president´s letter he talked about obedience, said  to know and not do is to not know.    Also i read a talk by elder maxwell about irony. What is true irony.  that sometimes,you do all that you can to achieve a certain outcome but that isnt what you recieve.  it was interesting. love ya, kristin

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